Decorating and Staging – they’re worlds apart

Home sellers who have spent thousands of dollars hiring a decorator and purchasing furniture and accessories, such as draperies, are often shocked to hear that they really do need to have their Pittsburg home staged before it goes on the market.
How can that be? Their home is beautiful!
It “can be” because decorating and staging have two opposite objectives.
The purpose of decorating is to personalize – to make the home exactly suit its occupants and reflect their lifestyle and tastes.
The purpose of staging is to de-personalize in order to make the home appear as an attractive “blank canvas” ready to be personalized by a buyer. Staging emphasizes features and benefits and suggests ways that a buyer might enjoy them.
A common road block for sellers: draperies
Quite often, sellers who have had their homes professionally decorated resist the suggestion that they remove their expensive window treatments. And yet, this is one of the most important things they can do. It ranks right up there with removing that leopard-print wallpaper and repainting dramatically colored walls with neutrals.
Why? For one thing, window treatments more than a year or two old will date the house. But perhaps more importantly, today’s buyers are looking for light and space, and heavy draperies make rooms appear small and dark.
Sometimes the view from a window can be a strong selling point – but the draperies prevent anyone from seeing it!
Un-doing what you have so carefully done can be traumatic. But unless you’re willing to wait months or years for a Pittsburg buyer who exactly shares your tastes, listen to your agent: Stage your professionally decorated home.