How to decorate for the holidays when your home is for sale

Keeping your home on the market during the holidays is a smart move. Buyers who are searching during the holidays are serious and really want or need to find a home. If they weren’t, they’d be at home baking cookies, shopping for gifts, or attending holiday events. So how can you best appeal to them? […]

Caution: Use your Home Equity with Care

Now that home prices are on the rise in many cities across the nation, homeowners are once again gaining equity – and that equity is like cash in a savings account. Actually, if prices continue to rise, it’s better than cash in a savings account, because it is appreciating in value at a higher rate. […]

Be careful – it’s easy to talk too much at holiday parties

When you’re buying or selling a home in Pittsburg you are naturally excited about it and want to share that excitement with your friends. But be careful! As you know, part of buying or selling a home in Pittsburg is the price negotiation. Part of strong negotiation is the willingness to walk away – or at least […]