Before you insure your new Pittsburg home…

Before you sign the final closing papers on your new home in Pittsburg, CA, you’ll need homeowners insurance. Your lender will demand it, but even if you’re paying cash, it’s unwise to assume possession without it. With that in mind, it’s also unwise to choose a policy without carefully reading its provisions – and noting […]

Sell your Pittsburg, CA home faster with great curb appeal

When your Pittsburg home is for sale, its curb appeal will have a tremendous impact on your success for two reasons: If prospects don’t like the looks of the exterior, they might decide not to come in at all. (Yes, I’ve had that happen.) If the yard and the exterior of the house look neglected and […]

Croskey’s Monthly Market Report – September

Croskey Real Estate Monthly Data Summary In this post we summarize monthly real estate trends across five categories of single-family homes in Pittsburg, California. All condos, two bedroom detached homes, three bedroom detached homes, four bedroom detached homes, and five plus bedroom detached homes. Here we capture trends in the local Pittsburg market, as compared […]